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Sugar Cookie Silicone Tart Mold

#209  Sugar Cookie Silicone Tart Mold

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Does this silicone candle mold meet your needs?
  • Easy to take out of the mold
  • Flexible, durable silicone used
  • Works well with (but not limited to) soy, paraffin, and bees wax
  • Approximately 3 1/2" diameter X 1/2" high
  • Makes 2 cavities
  • Makes a unique tart to a dessert theme!
  • Fully detailed


Our Price:  $26.95  

Units:       each

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3-14 Business Days

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I love French Hill Country's molds. They are the best quality molds I have found at a reasonable price. I have tried several other mold makers, only to be disappointed by how long the molds will last. I have been using French Hill Country's molds for over 4 years and the molds are still in excellent condition after hundreds of pours. Dawn is just wonderful to work with. I can ask for custom made molds and she delivers every time and exceeds my expectations. She really knows my style! It's wonderful to know I can count on French Hill Country!

Michelle Murray

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